F.A.Q. - Layaways

Q: Do layaway orders qualify for points?
A: Yes, your layaway item will receive the same points as normal. Points will not be added to your account until your order ships. 

Q: Will layaway orders qualify for the daily specials? 
A: The entire layaway order will count for daily promos on the day the layaway is set up and the downpayment is made. It will not count for sale, flash sale, or clearance items. Each individual payment will not earn that day's daily promo.  

Q: Can I use reward codes to pay for part of the layaway order?
A: No, they can not. The way our system is set up, the downpayment will be paid using a dis count code so you can not add an additional code on top of that. The rest of your payments will be done through our auto-renew system (don’t worry, there is still tons of flexibility here!). 

Q: Can I use a gift certificate to pay for part of the layaway?
A: A gift certificate can be used for the downpayment, but not on the subsequent payments since those payments will go through our auto-renew system. 

Q: Can Special Order items be put on layaway?
A: YES! We would be happy to put in a special order for you which we can set up for layaway. Please note that as with all our special orders, if it is cancelled you may incur a 20% re-stocking fee. 

Q: Can I put sale items on layaway?
A: Unfortunately, no. Too often, layaways get cancelled and customers who could have taken advantage of the sale are left without having those products available to them. 

Q: Can I put a new release on layaway?
A: No. New releases can not be put on layaway. As a general rule, an item can be put on layaway a week after it releases.